How it all works.

Deaddock is a new and inovative service for controlling dock weeds for dairy farmers. It replaces traditional forms of widespread weed spraying with a clever method for accurately targeting the weed itself leaving the surrounding grass untouched. Deaddock reduces the costs involved with weed control which results in more cost efficient milk production, and with up to a 90% reduction in herbicide usage, is far kinder to the environment, soil and animals. Take a look below to see the benefits of deaddock.

Gone are the days of spraying the whole field to kill a small percentage cover of weeds. our Deaddock vehicles detect the precise location of the docks and as the vehicle passes over, directly applies herbicide to the dock leaving surrounding grass untouched.
With Deaddocks clever system, a reduction of up to 90% herbicide usage has obvious advantages, the cost to the farmer drops, and with up to 90% less Glysophate used, less toxins are absorbed by the soil retaining its important trace minerals.
DeadDock does not use a conventional spraying method thus eliminating sprayer drift, instead it applies the herbicide directly onto the leaf.
Direct application on the docks mean the surrounding grass and clover remain clear of herbicide, meaning the soil retains the nitrogen fixing qualities of clover, along with its deep root system drawing up minerals from further down in the soil.
One of the main advantages of Deaddock is the removal off site of all herbicide. Deadock operatives bring the herbicide to you, and take it away again after, taking care of all the paperwork and regulations along the way.
Using our own vehicles means that the various regulations surrounding sprayers are removed, including the NCT requirements for sprayers over 3M. Deadock's registered proffessionals also remove the need for farmers to comply with the regulations regarding training for herbicide use. .
Less weeds= more grass which has a direct affect on milk production. Also Deaddock removes various other costs involved with weed control.
Deaddock application is not subject to wind speeds

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