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About DeadDock

DeadDock is a weed spraying service for Dairy Farmers, using inovative methods to target broadleaf weeds. With more grass and less weeds, this has a direct effect on milk output. Using DeadDock also means no herbicide storage on the farm, and DeadDock specialists take care of the paperwork and regulations.

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How it Works

sensors detect broadleaf weeds ahead and as the vehicle passes over, targets the weed directly avoiding any spraying of the surrounding grass. this results in a far more efficient way to control weeds.

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Benefits of DeadDock

DeadDock application results in huge reductions in herbicide use, removal of regulations and paperwork associated with herbicde storage and Sprayers.and is kinder to the environment, soil and animals. More grass and less weeds also boosts milk production.

Docks Cost Money!

The bigger the % of dock cover there is the more it costs in loss of yield. Let us show you how much docks cost you directly. Click here to use our real time calculator

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